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Meet world-famous yet unknown author Halycon Sage and join his ever-evolving and often humorous quest to save the world, accompanied by a multitude of human and animal friends, some tiny robots, and a few scary enemies.

A skillful new interior design, an arresting cover from award-winning artist Richard Ljoenes, and some rewrites including a new preface and prologue bring added depth and context. It all makes sense now!

Dive into The Sage Chronicles with The Way Beyond, where surprising twists and turns replace easy conclusions and untested assumptions with simple, strange, or profound realities we’re pretty sure you won’t expect.

A previous version of The Way Beyond was published as The Life and Times of Halycon Sage.

May the Horse be with you.


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Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist John Hakim Bushnell recently finished his new CD “Delirious Walrus”.